Flaka Scapular®

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The scapular (from Latin scapulae, "shoulders") is a Christian garment suspended from the shoulders. In Santa Muerte, they take different devotional elements from Catholicism to conceal their faith, by emulationg Christian iconography. Hide in plain sight. These are inspired by one I saw down south in the hands of some unsavory individuals that kept razor blades inside their scapulars, they didn't get scrutinized because people respected it's religious significance. These are constructed out of Kevlar cord that can be used as a friction saw or as a garrote. Magnetic clasp makes for a kick off and on option. The MP5 carrying Santa Muerte has a lot of hidden meaning that I can go in to after a few tequila shoots. Specifically it symbolizes one very specific lesson I learned long ago. Respect the gods and the saints but don't depend on them to visit violence on those that seek to harm you or yours.