Smuggler's Jacket®

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"I came from a place where most of the gear we carried was procured, modified or handmade by ourselves. Discretion was key and being able to conceal things on your person was a real need. 

I bought a jacket 12 years back and modified it to be able to hide escape tools, documents and if need be expand a dump pouch from it to have more carry options for site exploitation or just to carry more magazines if we needed to load up. It's design elements are based off things seen in drug smuggler's modified jacket." -Ed


The Smuggler's Jacket is an ode to the classic M-65 with highly updated interior features and few tricks up it's sleeve. The Jacket is fully constructed domestically in-house at Kingpin Studio in Los Angeles, CA using the best materials we could source. The jacket features 13 pockets, only 6 of which are visible the rest are concealed (have fun finding them). Ed wanted to wax-canvas because of its water repellent properties and the natural wear that makes the jacket look better over years of wear and tear. We went with Swiss RiRi zippers because of its reputation as being the best in the world. Every jacket is backed with a lifetime warranty which covers popped seams, broken zippers, missing buttons, and repair holes and rips( just cover shipping). The Jackets are true to size but we recommend to size up. All jackets are made in limited batches due to the complexity of the construction.  

-M65 design

-SneakReaper Trap-Door Pockets®

-SneakReaper Concealable Dump-Pouch® (sized to fit an average human head)

-American Waxed Canvas

-High Density Nylon Liner

-Concealed Hood

-Ed's Pockets®

-RiRi Swiss Zippers (highest grade zipper on the market)